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Spanish lesson outdoor

We make you fluent in a short time,
so you can have a better time in latin america


No books,
No boring classes.


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The team went out to have some beers

The most accessible and effective way
to learn Spanish in a short period of time

interview during a spanish lesson

Learn Spanish to:

understand people,
make friends,
experience different activities,
travel cheaper,
and more...

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We are changing the way schools work:

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Better education (faster results)

Better experience (learn outside the classroom)

Cheaper price

Higher salaries to teachers (2X)

Learn Spanish in Colombia | Happiness Through Education

Learn Spanish in Colombia up to four times faster than in a university or any other private School. | 100% of our students would recommend us :)

Happiness Through education

What is it?

Schools around the world have made a huge effort on standardizing education without recognizing that every student is different, that have different needs and that they learn in different ways. We created a School that cares more about the student that about the money and we turn it in to a non-profit so we never lose our path, and started innovating with new teaching methods that our students love.

Why Whee Institute?