About Whee Institute

Our Philosophy

We are sure that education is one of the main unresolved issues in the world because in some point the institutions lost their purpose and stopped worrying about helping students to learn, and focused more on standarization and “the education business” and less on the students, their needs, their ways to learn, their objectives, and of course what makes them happy.

We are building here a center of innovation in education and a center of experiencing the local culture in unique ways. 

Our way to keep running is that our students usually help us with reviews, blog posts, etc, so other people can find us and we don’t have to spend money on advertisement.

To attract the right people we became a nonprofit, so we have a bunch of volunteers that work with us everyday to help people dicover their own motivations and drivers, in Spanish we call it Passion, How do you call it?

Why are we different?

We believe that the main purpose of education is to provide people with the knowledge that they need to achieve their passions (what makes them happy), we believe in EDUCATION FOR HAPPINESS or HAPPINESS THROUGH EDUCATION. We changed the concept of education from being “the purpose” to being a way to reach your main purpose; happiness, dreams, or goals….


We understand that people travel for many reasons, to experience something new, open their minds, learn more about themselves, and our goal is to be part of that journey as well as provide the skills to get the most out of your experience. Many students tell us that being able to communicate and express themselves is the most important factor, and we focus on providing you with the skills you need to do that (here and in any Spanish speaking country)! How?

Our courses use a mixture of innovative techniques to help explore different approaches to learning best suited for each student, while at the same time making the experience extremely engaging and enjoyable! We have seen that this results in students leaving us happy, motivated, confident and excited to put what they have learnt to the test. What about learning?

Your learning process is our priority! Lessons are based around you and we make sure that you have the best quality education while you are with us.

Is it good that you are a non-profit? Of course, it means that profit is not our main goal, your education and happiness is.