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Parque Tayrona

Have you even seen videos of the beaches with crystal clear waters and impeccable sceneries of palm trees swaying in the wind, and think of what a dream that is? Places as beautiful as these just don’t seem real. But I promise you, they are; I had the privilege of visiting one. I spent one night in the beach Cabo San Juan, inside of Parque Tayrona in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. It was everything I had ever dreamed about!


I entered the park around 1 pm in El Zaino entrance and went with a few others to watch the safety and regulations video; informing about which beaches were safe to swim in, what we could and couldn’t bring into the park, and to take care of our trash and not litter. This was very quick, and before I knew it, I paid my entrance (luckily I have duel citizenships so I didn’t have to pay the gringo tax) and was in the park. From the entrance, I took a short bus ride to the parking lot; very close to one of the first beaches.


There are three main beaches that people talk about in parque Tayrona. The first is called Arrecifes, the second La Piscina, and the third Cabo San Juan del Guia. It’s about a 30 minute walk in the forest from the parking lot to the beach Arrecifes, then another 30 minutes to La Piscina, and then about 40 minutes to Cabo San Juan; and this is all without breaks and at a steady pace.


I arrived into Cabo San Juan around 3 pm, and went straight to the food! After a hike like that and having only eaten an arepa early in the morning, my stomach was telling me it was time to eat. There was a small restaurant right on the beach, and I ordered steak with a special sauce, and fresh strawberry j uice that tasted divine. Afterwards I went to the tent I rented for the night to relax and change into my bathing suit.


By the time I made it into the water, the sun was just starting to set. The 17cd1f8a71dec1928b0c604a96b13972temperature was absolutely incredible; inside and outside the water. The waves had become gentler than when I had first arrived, and gently rocked me back and forth while I watched the arrays of oranges and purples in the sky. One by one, stars appeared as the sky grew darker. Before I knew it, Hundreds of stars speckled the black sky. It was more than I was able to see from back home in my small town in the States; it was incredible!


At the end of the night, I ended up sitting in a circle with a few friends I had made that day. We had a phone in the center playing music and emitting just a little bit of light, and we each sipped on a beer and chatted, sharing stories and jokes. I went to sleep with a peaceful heart.


The next day I woke up, had some delicious breakfast, and took a walk down the beach before swimming again. This time, in the clear day with the sun at its peak, I could see how crystal clear the water was. In between waves I could see the rocks at the bottom of the ocean, and all the fish swimg_20161014_174229imming through the rocks. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I climbed a rock that lay in the ocean, and sat there admiring the view in all directions. Around 3 pm, I headed back for the hike, and back into the city. But I’ll never forget the happiness and tranquility I felt on that miraculous beach.


Until next time, Cabo San Juan!

AUTHOR: Whee Institute
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