Teaching methods

We are a multi-mothodolgies school because we know that not every student learn in the same way or at the same speed, but all students want the same: Be fluent!

Some of the Teaching methods we use:

  • Experiential learning: Learn practicing in the real world
  • Gammification in the classroom: Our students are players of the game of learning. Our class is just a training field where the students can get the knowledge to play in the real world!
  • Flipped education: Sometimes our students are the teachers
  • collaborative education: we promote an environment where our students can learn, teach, encourage each other in the learning process.
  • Project oriented education: A goal besides the learning process can be a huge trigger for the learning process.
  • Interviews: We encourage our students to interview people to learn how to ask questions, listening skills, etc.
  • Role playing: Put our students in different situations in our classroom.
  • Storytelling: One of the best approaches to practice past tenses.
  • and more…

We research every day for new and interesting ways of teaching and learning.

Do you know any new methodology? Please email it to us! info@wheeinstitute.com