Having the perfect latin america experience is easyTravelling is better and cheaper if you speak Spanish

Learn spanish in Bogota at Whee Institute!

The fastest growing and the only school that can promise you better results in less hours.

better education ● better experience ● better teachers ● better prices

We have mastered a methodology that makes you speak in a short period of time… and the best thing, we have make our classes really enjoyable!

Come, you will never regret it.

1 week: understand locals ● 1 month: travel without worries ● 3 months be fluent
Our game changing courses & prices
Smart Spanish

(group lessons)

15 hours of class

From 9 am – 12pm or from 2pm – 5pm

No more than 5 students

Amazing teachers

Visit an amazing place once a week

best value for money in Colombia

+ information & prices+ information & prices
Private lessons


10 hours / package

Scheduled when you want

Focus your class in the topic you want

Amazing teachers

Learn and practice approach

also available for skype lessons

Best for people that love grammar

+ information & prices+ information & prices
Why you should study with us:
Why whee?

Founded with the non-profit spirit

We charge less!

Because we want to give Access to more people.

We pay more to our teachers!

Because they are the best in Colombia

We have the best methodoloogy!

We created it and mastered it, the results are amazing

We go out the classroom to practice!

Because you don't learn if you don't practice

Our students love us!

Our students are our friends, and they learn super fast

We have the best reviews among Spanish Schools

4.85 stars of score in reviews

See more reviewsSee more reviews

What else do  you offer?

A nice team, unlimited coffee, free dance lessons (not just salsa), visit amazing places at least once at week

What else do you need?

the project

The problem of education.

Education has many problems: Students hate it because it is boring, it is mandatory, teachers are bad, and many times the content is not related to their passion. Teachers hate it because they have to study a lot and they earn less that other people.

The sources of these problems are that education is a business, methodologies are boring and teacher don’t have the motivation to change it

A school to change education

Unhappy to see how education is, we decided to do something about it:

We became a non-profit to focus in the education part and not in the business side 🙂 this allowed us to decrease prices to give access to more people, pay double to our teachers so they can have more possbilities in life and finally we decided to create a methodology that make students have fun while learning a lot

The results:

Our results are amazing! being a non-profit have allow us to attract people that love education to work with us, Because of the salary we pay we have the best and most motivated teachers in the country, and our students love us, love learning and they amaze us because they learn Spanish really really fast.

We are proud! 🙂

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