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We want to help you to transform your life, so you can change the world

Why We do this?

We used to be a Spanish School, one of the best, with the most incredible education experience, a school where we wanted our students to wake up every day happy, because they would come to school. We did it! We had over 2000 students from more than 70 countries, and an average review of 4.96 stars. For 8 years we created a school that though Spanish through happiness.

 But one day Covid-19 came and knocked everyone's doors. Students couldn't go to study in Colombia, and even we managed to survive almost 1 year teaching online, we lost our dream, we lost everything. In October of 2021 we closed our doors. 

How many times in life do we have the chance to start from zero? Almost none. 

We wanted to take this opportunity seriously, if we had to start from zero, we wanted to do it the right way. Almost like a rebirth process, we wanted to destroy our previous life, and start exploring new possibilities, to then decide what we wanted to do.

Then heartbroken we went to travel the world, we went to therapy, lots of therapy, we were part of ceremonies and philosophical conversations, we volunteered and became wonderers, we travelled to find answers and we found more questions. We met lots of people in the same search. We remembered that most of our students went travelling the world to find similar experiences. We became one of them. Trying to find the happiness we though we lost.

We saw that travelling might or might not bring the answers we needed. Just traveling as a tourist didn't change anything, and that we saw in other travelers. But we also met some that were finding answers, and this were the people that transformed themselves. 

We also remembered that we love education, and that many of the people than might have things that can help many others, are usually awfully bad a teaching. We found something we could to there, help people to become good teachers of their on path, so they can help people change into a better version, a happier version. 

We learnt that true happiness is never and individual thing. All of the paths we followed and still following have realized that a big part of our wellbeing comes in the form of a collective, a likeminded group of people where we can build together amazing things, a community where we all can learn from others, love others, and be loved.

Our new mission, is to give people options of places and practices where they can actually find answers, and enjoy the learning process. That is the new Whee Institute. 

Step of freedom

Want to travel, start a new adventure, quit your job and something inside you is not letting you?

Discover what is holding you back.


Ontology coaching

We use ontology coaching, a very cool tool created in Latín America and used by people in all round the world, which will help you to discover what is holding you back and give you the tools to finally doing it!

After one session, you should be able to start a path of change in your life.

Step of communication

A new language can literally reshape your brain and make you see life in a different way

learn a new language will allow you to travel, to explore different cultures, to get better job opportunities, and will help you understand other cultures more.

Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, will allow you to travel and connect to the happiest people in the world, will help you to see live as a fun and unique experience. One of the keys of why latinos are happier, is because of the language they speak!


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