Our Location

We are located in Teusaquillo. A safe and nice neighborhood with historical houses located right in the middle of the city.

We just moved to a new place, and we are in the process of improving it every day

  • 2 blocks from “Profamilia” transmilenio station
  • 20 minutes walking from La Candelaria (historical district)
  • 5 minutes walk from museo nacional
  • 20 minutes walk from chapinero alto (trendy restaurants area)

Our Story

This is all we have lo live to get to the place we are

January 2014:  Sebas (our founder) loves Colombia,  and he wanted more people to see that we have a really good country and why he is so proud of it. he also wanted to create a company with the objective of making the world a better place and that can be related with his passion of meeting new people and new cultures.  He quited his job as a business consultant and  rented a house. That’s the origin of Whee Institute.

June 2014: Roxanne from Germany was our first student!

July 2014: Not being happy with making money out of education, Sebas decided that Whee Institute should be a non-profit. this is how replicable.org is born and became the umbrella under which Whee institute now works.

August 2014: Jorge decided to join the project as co-founder after meeting Sebas in a business meeting.

May 2015: Omar, one of our students from UK decided to be part of the team as a co-founder.

July 2015: The team grows, we had new students coordinator and new Marketing manager.

November 2015: Aleja joins the team as a new students coordinator.

April 2016: We had to move to a new place beacause of the number of students we had. The new neighborhood is amazing!

August 2016: Ashley, one of our students joins the team as a students coordinator. Aleja moves to a new job position.