Getting to know Bogota while learning Spanish

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Having classes in a building in bogota

Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, located 2600m above sea level, is internationally recognized for its tourist attractions that have captured the attention of people the world over.  It is famous for it’s “neutral” accent in Spanish, which makes it the preferred destination for those individuals wishing to learn the language.


Whee Institute offers a rather unconventional method for those wishing to learn Spanish: classes that are taught while visiting designated sites throughout Bogota. In our Spanish and tourism course some of the must-see sites are as follows:


The International Trade and Business Center, Corferias: Various festivals of diverse themes occur throughout the year.

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Usaquen: The old colonial town of Cundinamarca officially became annexed as part of Bogota in1955, and is distinguished by its beautiful architecture and the Hacienda Santa Barbara Shopping Mall. This is a must visit for those interested in viewing colonial architecture.P1010095 (Copiar)


Palo quemao (Copiar)Paloquemao Market Square: This is one place where you can enjoy the diverse smells and flavors of fruits and vegetables that are produced throughout Colombia and are brought here. In addition, you will find a wide variety of meats and herbs and spices that are traditionally found in Colombian cuisine. This is a special place where you can learn the vocabulary and expressions related to both food and shopping.


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Bolivar Square: Here you will find the heart of Bogota. On display is the Narino Palace andplaza de bolivar (Copiar) the Colombian Congress. It is the quintessential site to have an authentic Santaferena breakfast: chocolate, cornbread, cheese, tamal, and, changua, a local soup. If you plan to visit around lunchtime, you must try the traditional Colombian fare including bandeja paisa, ajiaco con pollo and sancocho de gallina.

Monserrate on christmas (Copiar)


Monserrate: If you are looking to make a wish, make sure to include this place in your travel plans. It is the house of “Senor Caido de Monserrate”. At the top of the mountain sits the church that marks the colombian capital, and which is creatively illuminated each year during Christmastime, a gesture that only serves to further bring out the magic of the place.


These are but a small sample of the sites available to those who come to Bogota.  Under the direction of the guides of Whee Institute, it will be an unforgettable experience. Come and visit us!


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