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Are you thinking about learning Spanish or interested in an Internship in Colombia and would love a helping hand?      Red Tree Study could be the perfect option for you! We’ve been spending some time with Red Tree Study and were really impressed with what we’ve seen – founded by two English university friends Alex and Charlotte, that when traveling Colombia, realised they could combine their experience in the travel and education industries to promote Colombia as destination for Spanish language learning. Red Tree Study helps students and interns find not only which city but also which internship or Spanish class would be best suited for them and what they are looking to get out of the experience.

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Ginna Lozano, International Marketing Officer at Red Tree Study, was kind enough to take us through what prospective students and intern would experience as part of the Red Tree service. Ginna, a bogotana, has spent periods of her life in both the US and UK and has a keen understanding of each of the cultures and more importantly the sense of humour both regions have! This means she is able to make a great connection with the students and interns and get a deep understanding of the experience they are looking for. Mix with the here Colombian roots, Ginna is possibly the best person to help you decide which of the cities would be best for you to take classes or experience working in this beautiful, exciting country. Any of you doing your research on Colombia will see that you are spoilt for choice, and it doesn’t hurt to get help from a local!

We highly recommend you checkout Red Tree Study and get in contact with Ginna who will help you get ready for your Colombian adventure!!

Alex Jones-min

Alex Jones:

Alex is the co-founder of Red Tree Study and an expert in international education.

Charlotte Bonsey-min

Charlotte Bonsey:

Charlotte Bonsey is the co-founder of Red Tree study with a background in language teaching and the travel industry.

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Ginna Lozano:

Born and raised in Colombia, Ginna studied Marketing and International Business at university in Bogotá.

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