You know why you want to come to Bogotá Colombia; and so do we

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This is Bogota

If you’re reading this article, then you’re already thinking of traveling to Bogota Colombia, so let me tell you why you’ve made the right choice.bogota-from-the-sky

Colombia has become a favorite destination for travel in the past couple years. Many people cannot believe the dramatic change that it has made in improving the country’s safety and wellbeing. It is no longer thought of as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but instead considered by many to be a hidden Gem. Colombia initiated “Comunidad Segura” in 1995, and since then has picked itself up.

Why Now?

Now that it is much safer, the culture is truly starting to show. Colombians are some of the friendliest people in the world. They are always more than glad to help if you are lost or in need. I’ve never seen someone be so happy to do a favor for a complete stranger! Maybe it’s the coffee? Nothing refreshes the soul like a fresh cup of tinto. Not to mention, Colombia is the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world. And for a good reason, it has the best soil for the best coffee!

Specifically the region of Cundinamarca, where Bogota is located, is able to produce the richest coffee in all of Colombia. Naturally, that means the coffee in Bogota is top notch. And let me tell you that there is nothing better than an energizing cup of Colombian coffee after exercise at the Ciclovía, in Bogota. This buzzing city closes down about 122 kilometers of road on Sundays and holidays, and makes the road available only to cyclists and general pedestrians. It’s truly a beautiful thing to see so many people gathered, doing exercise, and just out enjoying their day.

Other activities to enjoy in Bogota

Aside from the Ciclovía, Boggraffiti-in-bogotaota offers many other activities for the outdoorsy people, one of the favorite being climbing one of the many mountains and finding hidden waterfalls. I easily spent four hours in the mountains, and never even made it to the top!

There are also plenty of tours to choose from, horseback riding activities, even sky diving! There are hundreds of parks scattered throughout Bogota, which always contain people busy playing soccer, running, or simply just relaxing. The amazing thing about Bogota is that it’s so huge that there is always something to do!

Bogota alone is a little over double the size of New York City, USA. The mere size of the city gives you at least one month of just walking around and exploring; not to mention it’s the capital of Colombia. It is the city of opportunity, and has become popular for doing business not just in Colombia, but other parts of the world. It is currently home to about 1,400 multinational companies. Regionally, it has some of the best universities in all of Colombia, to the point where Colombians move to Bogotá just to do their studies. Plus, the large number of overseas students help give the city even more of an international feel!


The people of Bogota

Due to the wide range of opportunities to be found in Bogota, there’s an incredible mix of culture. It’s the only place you can go in Colombia to experience all the cultures at the same time. Paisas, people from Medellin; Caleños, from Cali; Costeños, from the coast; then of course your Rolos, from Bogota. All these people come together, bringing their unique culture, to create a tasty mix of life. All in all, it becomes a culture of happiness.

Colombia has recently picked up the slogan “The only risk is wanting to stay.” And I can promise you, this is an actual risk! I came to Bogota with the plan of only staying for 3 months, taking Spanish classes at Whee Institute, but I ended up moving here permanently! In my opinion, nothing beats Bogota!

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