As you are part of our Whee family you get access to our Discount Network Initiave

What is our Discount Network Initiative?

We don’t believe in comissions. Comissions create a chain of extra cost that students (or customers in general) end up paying.

That’s why we found people with the same spirit as us, partnered with them, but instead of giving each other comissions, our clients are the one’s who see the benefits by getting preferential offers and discounts.

This creates better incentives and a better way of doing things


CX Hostel

Who they are: Amazing Hostel and Home Hotel. They have more than 60 beds available and 8/10 score on

Why we are partners : They are truly passionate and authentic people that share our vision. They were the first people to joined our initiave!!

What Benefits our students have : If you stay one week at Cx Hostel (7 days), Whee Institute and Cx hostel will give you the lowest price we both have available!!

Note: The discount applies when you book directly with the hostel, and not though or any other website.
5% Discount


Who they are: Casa Boutique is an initiative of a local family who have remodel and offer their traditional house completely for the accommodation for travelers to enjoy Bogotá.

Why we are partners : They want to offer a great experience to travelers that combines traditional with comfort. Very similar to the spirit we have here at Whee and a great place for our students to rest and relax.

What Benefits our students have : If you stay one week at Casa Boutique La Soledad (7 days), Whee Institute will give you the 4+ week discount and Casa boutique La Soledad will give you a 10% discount on the lowest price available that day.

Note: The Casa Boutique discount applies when you book directly with the site, and not through any other website. CUPON: WHEEINSTITUTE
10% Discount


Who they are : Bastiaan, a Dutch guy, followed his dream starting his business in Colombia after a long internetional experience

Why we are partners : Bastiaan is not only passionate but also decided to invest in Colombia. As we know how hard it is to start we are doing averything we can to help him.

What Benefits our students have : If you stay one week at cestu-casa (7 days), Whee Institute will give you the lowest price and Estu-Casa will give you a 5% discount.

Note: The discount applies when you book directly with the hostel, and not though or any other website.
5% Discount

Things to do


Who they are : Colture are a company that work really closely Whee Institute. They are creating a platform to help people better understand Bogotá, events in the city and things to do here.

Why we are partners : They, just like us, have a higher purpose. They just want to share all the great things about Bogotá thst make this a great city!

What Benefits our students have : All Whee Institute students get free access to many of the events organized by, have discounts in their homestys initiative, and more!

Salento Hikers

Who they are : Unlike many of the companies in Salento, salentohikers was founded by Salento locals. They offer tours and other local experiencens you can't get anywhere else.
Why we are partners : Simple, they care more about Salento than about money. They are warm people that will give you a unique, local experience.

What Benefits our students have : If you have experienced Salento Hikers and have taken any of their tours, you get a discount at Whee Institute. Also if you are a Whee Institute student you get discounts on any of Salento Hikers' Tours.

Bogotá Bike Tour

Who they are : Mike founded Bogotá Bike Tours 12 years ago, and with his team of artists, historians and bike enthusiasts guiding you on tours of this awesome city.

Why we are partners : like us, they also want to make a positive impact on the city (and the world). They support sustainable/clean transit initiatives, clean air campaigns, and also offer free bike tours to groups of underprivileged kids - awesome, right!

What Benefits our students have : Whee Students get 12.5% discount on tours while learning about the amazing stories of the streets you won’t find in books or online.

Gringo Tuesdays

Who they are : they are the biggest language exchange in Bogotá. Bringing together folks from all over the world, as well as all over Colombia to practice Spanish, at different levels. They also have an internal ‘rumba’ every tuesday too!

Why we are partners : Whee love to give our students every opportunity to practice their new Spanish skills and meet more people from here or who also travelling!

What Benefits our students have : Whee students get Free Entry, Queue Jump and a Free Beer at Gringo Tuesdays. Just ask Caro for a card when you are here with us.

*Best reviews!

*Learn faster than in other schools

*Most friendly Staff

*Free dance lessons & language exchange (available in our Bogota school)

*Unlimited Coffee (available in our Bogota school)

*What else do you need?

Open: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday
Spanish lessons:
Free Spanish:
Tel: (+57)3175609775
Address: Diagonal 33 Bis A # 15 – 16, Bogota, Colombia


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