What makes you different from other schools?

We’re different from other schools and institutes because we are a non-profit and we care about your education; we have different methodologies. We know all schools say this, but we may be the only who actually takes action. After you’ve booked with us, you will see from our registration form. We ask about what YOU are interested in accomplishing, so that you can have the experience that you set out for. You can ask our other students, we follow through!

When can I start?

Our classes run week by week, so you are able to start on any Monday that you choose.

What happens if there is a holiday?

We will of course give you your 15 hours of classes for the week. We can take the 3 hours from the holiday and add it to other classes; for instance you can have three 4 hour classes and one 3 hour class. Or if you prefer, we can give you the 3 hour class on Monday of the next week.

What time are the classes at?

We have two schedules for our Smart Spanish classes: one from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, or one from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If this schedule doesn’t work for you, we recommend taking private classes, we give very affordable prices, plus our teachers can meet you at your house or wherever you prefer the class to be.

How long do I need to become fluent?

We’ve experienced that after just 1 month, students are able to go out and communicate what they need to and speak with the natives.

Do you have online classes?

We are now giving the option of taking classes in Skype! If you are not located in Bogotá, or you don’t have such a flexible schedule, we can definitely give you a teacher on skype.

Do you have volunteer programs?

You can volunteer:

Directly with Whee Intitute: In Whee institute we need help with marketing, tourism activities, website, and more. If you are great at doing something we can do a work exchange (you help us, and we can give you a disccount)

Our parent foundation replicable.org: Replicable has some projects in development projects, in education, climate change and entrepreneurship

Or any of our partners foundations

How do I know what level I am?

Before starting your classes we ask you to do a small spoken interview in Spanish with one of our specially chosen teachers, to determine your listening and speaking skills. It’s very quick, about 5-10 minutes. We prefer spoken placement tests over written ones because we are a school that focuses on conversing.

What are the class sizes?

Since we believe in making sure each student gets the most out of their experience at Whee, we limit our classes to 5 students per class, so that our teachers can personalize each lesson to your goals and interests as much as possible.

What happens if there are not enough students for my level?

We understand this happens, especially in the higher levels. Most schools will give you the same price, but cut your hours in half. At Whee Institute, we don’t think you should suffer for this. So we give you the class to yourself; we open a new course just for you, for the same price and the same hours!

Where do you get your teachers from?

This is actually an important point. We have the best selection process to make sure that our teachers not only know how to teach, but that their teaching methods are creative, they had been memmorable to previous students, that they want to change education and that they have a research mind.

from more than 3,000 CVs, we have interviewd just 30 people, and we have hired just 9 of them.

Do you give any discounts?

Yes we do! Some of the ways you can get a discount is by taking classes at least 4 weeks, or if you bring someone else with you to take classes. If you’re interested, ask us about the prices!

Do you have other activities?

We do! We have weekly dance classes every Thursday at 5:30 pm. Each class is always a different dance of Colombia, a great way to try new things. We have more activities, but those vary from week to week. We are also starting programs of tours.

Is Bogotá safe?

Bogotá is a safe city, as any large city can be! Colombia has just signed the peace agreement with FARC and has been rebuilding itself over the years. You will find police in every area. Bogotá is safe, as long as you are smart about it.

Will I learn about the culture?

You absolutely will! We are starting projects to make the school a house of culture. With all the activities outside of class, plus the class going outside, you are sure to learn about the Colombian culture. We can even help you find a homestay, if you decide that you really want to immerse yourself.

Can I talk with previous students?

You absolutely can! We actually have one employee who is a past student. Plus we have a few past students who have agreed to speak with other students, and we have reviews in our website, trip advisor, Facebook, and google plus!

Is the organization reliable?

It absolutely is! Make sure to ask our other students when you talk to them, and you can check out our reviews here.