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Perfect for people that want to travel or move to Spain or Latin America find better jobs or be promoted talk with friends and family do business with Latin countries or Spain

+2000 students from +80 countries have experienced that the future of education is here!

What Whee offer:

  • Learning a language requires interaction! With Whee you learn with people around the world, in an environment of respect and happiness
  • You can choose when and what you want to learn. We have more than 20 topics availble that you can choose from. Learn with others, and benefit from the power of group education.
  • Live and interactive. You don’t have to rewatch videos to understand, simply raise your hand and ask for a different explanation
  • Never be bored again in a class! 92% of our students stay 3 months on average, because they love it!!

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Highly Recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 18, 2020

I took 2 weeks of courses with Whee back in January 2020 in Bogotá and had an absolute blast. The teachers were engaging, the material was fun, and I felt like my Spanish really improved in those two weeks. I recently was able to take 4 weeks of online courses with Whee in October 2020 and I really like their online format. Usually I’m not a fan of online classes but the teachers did a great job keeping the material just as fun as in the classroom and it turned me around to language learning online. Plus it is super convenient. I definitely recommend this language school; they’re awesome!


Why Whee Institute?

Whee Institute is one of the fastest growing Spanish schools in the World. This was possible because we decided to make a change in the spirit of education with an idea:

We want people to wakeup everyday happy because they will go to school!

Since that idea, we have worked with education experts, innovation experts and students to create what we call the Whee experience!

Student is playing jenga at Whee institute Spanish School in Bogota Colombia

We are a center of innovation in education
+2000 students

For us, knowledge and happiness are a priority. You will enjoy it!

All of our Spanish teachers Online have master degrees in teaching Spanish

We are very popular among education experts around the world

Easy process to get on board

Step 1 - Book

Book using this form or contact us in case you have questions.

Step 2 - Interview

We will contact you via email  to arrange a 5 minutes interview to place you in the right level.

The interview can be via skype, whatsapp, or zoom. what ever is best for you.

*We promise it will be a fun interview, not pressure, or grades are given. We want to be sure that you are going to have a great experience

Step 3 - Wait for the link

On the friday before your class start, we will send you the ZOOM link so you can join the class on monday.

Step 4 - Start learning

Join the class, partic ipate, interact and at the end, review the class so we can adapt to the way you learn​!

Why our flexible Spanish Class?

Many years of research summarized in a course that has great reviews from our students and teachers.

A flexible version of our VIP live online group lessons!

  • Our teachers designed a course that is divided by topics.
  • You can choose which topics you want to learn, you don’t have to commit for a full week of class. you just take lessons as you wish.
  • In this course you re take any topic as many times as you like.
  • Each class of 2 topics is 2 hours long.
  • Access to the best Spanish teachers.
  • Proven methods in groups dynamics.
  • Our teachers are language coaches, they are there to help you progress in a way that will grant you a fast but good experience.

Why our approach is different?

We believe in the power of groups, where everyone learns from each student’s questions, realizations and mistakes. It’s a collaborative way of learning, but with a teaching expert involved bringing out the best of each student.

Course details

Advantages of this course

  • Course divided into topics that you can choose from: Our expert teachers divided our best Spanish course into bit size topics allowing our students to learn in the time the time they have available, without having to commit to a full program.
  • The power of learning in groups: Learning in groups has many advantages, you learn from other students questions and mistakes. Every member of a group adds new vocabulary and uses of Spanish depending on their personal interests. And last but not least, is way cheaper than having an online tutor just for you.
  • Teachers with degrees in teaching Spanish, and with hundreds of reviews.
  • We train and develop our teachers: all of the teachers you will have are probably some of the best teachers you will have in your life. We create new methodologies, train our teachers and give them all the tools to make them successful . Unlike teachers aggregator platforms like ITALKI.


You can start any weekday of the year!!

Classes are Monday to Friday 

We have one schedule:

Classes will last 2 or 3 hours per day depending on the plan you chose

you can check yout time here


We adapt to DST. It means that in those contries with DST class schedule won’t change, but in those countries without DST, class schedule may vary one hour more or one hour less during winter time.

Course options



Learn how to introduce yourself

Alphabet and pronunciation


Learn how to ask and pay for food



Learn how to explain exactly what you need

Time & dates / verb SER


Learn how to find your way around and ask directions

Feelings / verb ESTAR


Learn daily specific stuations

How to ask specific questions.


1 day (2 hours of class):

USD $20/class

Levels available

We have 1 level available

We will launch more soon! Just let us know which level are you interested in

We follow the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages"

Tools we use

We use ZOOM pro, for a better experiences and security of our students


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