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Best Spanish lessons in Bogotá | Whee Institute Spanish School

At Whee institute we wake up every day with the amazing job to create innovate methods to teach you Colombian Spanish in a fun way.

We challenge the traditional teaching methods so that you Learn Spanish in Bogota and Colombia, with a way  that will make you change your perception of how education shoud be.  

Take this chance to Learn Spanish in a Spanish School in Bogota where you feel our passion for teaching, that will care about you, and that is recognized for being the best place to work for Spanish teachers in Bogota, and where we reinvest 100% of our profits in making the world a better place.

Become part of the change. You won’t regret it! 


Learn Spanish in Bogota at Whee Institute!

The only Spanish School that focus on making the learning experience as fun as your travelling exprience

excellent education ● excellent experience  ● excellent teachers ● excellent prices

A certificate of excellence issued by tripadvisor
2017, 2018 & 2019 Certificates of Excellence

All of our teachers have been reviewed by our students as 9/10



15 or 20 hours of class
From 9 am – 12pm or from 2pm – 5pm
No more than 5 students
Amazing teachers (9.6 in reviews)
Learn fast, interact with others
Best value for money in Bogota

Most popular choise


10 hours / package
Scheduled when you want
Focus your classes in your topic of choice
Amazing teachers
Learn and practice approach
Also available for Skype lessons

Focused just on you

Next level education

for people that both love or hate elarning languages

more than +1000 alumni can prove it

Why our Spanish School is so popular?

We have a combination of an amazing team,  Spanish Lessons that are great fun, and cool extra activities that just make sense. 

But the most important is thing is that our students feel motivated to wake up everyday to come to Spanish class (have you ever felt this?) and they never feel like they are just in a tourism company that happens to have a Spanish School.

Are our Spanish Teachers good?

We have a highly motivated team of Spanish teachers that are at the top of their field. They all have degrees in teaching Spanish as a Second Language and have reviews of 9/10 given by more than +1100 students.

We and our students love them, thats why we pay them 2X what other Spanish Schools in Colombia pay their Spanish teachers, we are the best place to teach Spanish.




We have 4.95 stars in authentic reviews.


Education is better if you have fun.


Learn more than elsewhere in 15 hours.


Only School that offer afternoon groups.


Our lower prices are a matter of philosophy. We believe that education should be affordable so more people can have access to it. We have help a price decrease in all the industry.


This allows us to have the best teachers.


Just like that. No booking fees, No costs of books.


We do breaktime activities everyday,


Homestays are only passionate people, that you will love.


Bogota is the only real cosmopolitan city in Colombia, It is recognized for having the best Spanish in the country and the most neutral accent .

Why Spanish in Bogota?

Among Colombians, Bogotanos have the most neutral and clear accent of whole the Spanish in Latin America. This is the perfect environment for a Spanish immersion in Colombia and make tons of new friends.

Why Learning Spanish in Bogota is a good idea?

Spanish Language is the only language that will allow you to:

  1. Travel independently in more than 20 countries. 
  2. Make friends in the happiest countries in the world.
  3. Travel cheaper by avoiding Gringo Tax






Why Bogota?

Most neutral accent in Colombia: This will make you progress faster when you are learning.

Spanish with less slangs: Learn Spanish in Bogota will allow you to communicate easily in many other cities and countries.

A historical city: Some of the most important events in Colombian history have happen in Bogota. Visit the historical center (la candelaria) and experience some of the best tours in the country.

Touristic Spots: Inside the city there are many places you can visit like: Monserrate, Museo del Oro, Usaquen, Chorro de quevedo, Jardín Botánico, Parque Simón Bolivar, Paloquemao, and more…

A cultural city: Here we have the best museums, theaters, cinemas, street art in the country

Places around the city: Near Bogota we have amazing places you can visit: Minas de sal de zipaquirá, Villa de leyva, la calera, Guatavita, Chicaque, Chingaza, El neusa, and more.

The perfect city for nightlife: The best restaurants in Colombia are in Bogota, as well as the most famous bars, pubs and party places

Colombian culture: Bogotá is the only cosmopolitan city in Colombia and is the only city where you can find the gastronomy and culture from all the other cities in Colombia.

Business: Bogotá is the main city in Colombia and the perfect spot to start a business.


The problem of education

Education has many problems. Students hate it because it is boring, it is mandatory, teachers are bad, and many times the content is not related to their passion. Teachers hate it because they don’t have creative freedom and they earn less than other people.

The sources of these problems are that education is a business, methodologies are boring and teachers don’t have the motivation to change it!

A school to change education

Unhappy to see how education is, we decided to do something about it:

We decided to focus on the education part and not on the business side 🙂 this allowed us to decrease prices to give access to more people, pay double to our teachers so they can have more possibilities in life and finally, we decided to create a methodology that makes our students learn a lot while having fun. Our students really enjoy coming to class

The results

Our results are amazing! not focusing on the profits helped us to attract people that love education to work with us. Because of the salary we pay, we have the best and most motivated teachers in the country, and our students love us, love learning and they amaze us because they learn Spanish faster than in any other place we know. We are really proud! 🙂


Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips
15:56 12 Mar 20
I spent five weeks studying here in the am classes and I learned so much. Not only were the classes super helpful, but they were also really fun. I made friends, liked all my teacher, and highly recommend giving this place a shot.
Maura Humphreys
Maura Humphreys
19:37 11 Mar 20
I was a student at Whee institute for 4 weeks February 2020.It was a very good experience. First of all: the teachers are super proffessionel.They know how to explain things, they have a lot of positive energy and understanding for our difficulties. The teaching is very alternately with the use of internet, small games etc.The 3 hours flew :). The other staff was likewise helpfull kind and with the same spirit of joy and friendliness. Though im 60 years and most students were younger we did many things together , everyone were in the same boat feeling like doing things together when off from school.Some of the best teaching i have experienced.
Birgitte Lyst Hansen
Birgitte Lyst Hansen
19:16 09 Mar 20
What a great school! I had private classes for 4 weeks in January 2020 and my 2 teachers Andrea and Angela were amazing, so patient and they tailored the class according to my interests and work. Their facilitation style is also very interactive and fun. In the beginning I was a bit afraid, I would not met too many other students, but this was not the case at all. Thanks to Lisa (jack of all trades!!) you will play fun games during the coffee breaks and many social activities were organised after class. So if you want to learn spanish, but also meet fellow travellers then go to WHEE! Abrazo for everyone @ Whee!
Ilse Hennemann
Ilse Hennemann
17:13 25 Feb 20
I spent two weeks at Whee to prepare myself for my exchange semester in Bogotá. After reading many good reviews my expectations were quite high and I was not disappointed. I was also positively surprised that during my time there I learned just as much about Colombian culture and politics as I did the language. This helped making my transition to my new home smoother in more ways than one. Thank you! 🌻
Elin Söderberg
Elin Söderberg
16:22 24 Feb 20
I was in Colombia for almost 70 days and it was to learn and practice Spanish for my job. So I needed Spanish for a specific matter. Before going to Colombia, I had done some research about other native Spanish speaking countries and Whee Institute was one of the reason for me to get to Bogotá, Colombia to learn Spanish.I studied Spanish at Whee Institute for 7 weeks and I can't even thank enough for all the efforts they'd shown. I had some Spanish courses before getting there but I decided to revise earlier subjects as well.The idea of having a different professor every 2 weeks made it possible for me to experience different methods of each. 4 different teachers with all the different new ways of learning Spanish......These people love what they are doing and you can feel it right when you get into Whee Institute. Moreover, the flexibility is another plus when it comes to managing classes. I needed morning classes and they sorted it out for me. The methodology they have is mostly focused on students and they have all the necessary materials to enrich teaching and make learning process much easier. You, as a student, are involved in the class.And don't you worry, they can all speak English in case you need it. To the people looking for a Spanish course in Colombia, go to Bogotá and visit Whee Institute. You won't regret at all. After 7 weeks at Whee, it felt quite hard leaving a loving family behind and I believe I'll be there in Colombia thanks to what Whee has done for me teaching Spanish.
Yücel Açık
Yücel Açık
08:06 19 Feb 20
I had a great time at Whee Institute and was overall really happy with my experience. First of all, the team is flexible and you can put your schedule together as you wish. I enjoyed the classes in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The teachers were always well prepared and did their job with a lot of joy. The atmosphere in the school during class time and during the breaks is always really pleasant. The activities organized by the school help you connect to students of other classes. I met some great people along the way and will happily remember my time at Whee Institute as a major contribution to my time in Bogotá.La pasé muy bien, gracias por todo.
Joël Amstutz
Joël Amstutz
16:41 18 Feb 20
I had a great time at Whee Institute and was overall really happy with my experience. First of all, the team is flexible and you can put your schedule together as you wish. I enjoyed the classes in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The teachers were always well prepared and did their job with a lot of joy. The atmosphere in the school during class time and during the breaks is always really pleasant. The activities organized by the school help you connect to students of other classes. I met some great people along the way and will happily remember my time at Whee Institute as a major contribution to my time in Bogotá.La pasé muy bien, gracias por todo.
Joël Amstutz
Joël Amstutz
16:33 18 Feb 20
Ich habe 1 ½ Wochen am Whee Institute mein spanisch verbessert und kann es uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Schulungsmethoden auf dem letzten Stand, hervorragende LehrerInnen die den Stoff bestens präsentieren. Man kommt viel zum Sprechen, auch animiert durch lustige Spiele während des Unterrichts und in den Pausen. Im Nachhinein tut es mir leid, daß ich nicht länger in Bogota war und die Kurse länger besuchen konnte. So macht lernen Spaß !Tengo 1 ½ semanas en el Instituto Whee para mejorar mi español y puedo recomendarlo sin reservas. Métodos de enseñanza actualizados, excelentes profesores que presentan el material de la mejor manera posible. Se habla mucho de ello, también animado por juegos divertidos durante las lecciones y en los descansos. En retrospectiva, lamento no haber estado más en Bogotá y haber podido asistir a los cursos durante más tiempo. ¡Aprender es divertido de esta manera!
Franz Werbinich
Franz Werbinich
08:25 18 Feb 20
5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I spent more than 10 weeks at Whee Institute. I have to admit that it was the best time I used to study Spanish. Teachers were really great, with passion and charisma, they are teaching their students in an active way. I like the fact that every 2 weeks I had lessons with a different teacher, it gave me the opportunity to listen to a different accent and learn in a bit different way. At Whee Institute staff was super friendly and very helpful. Thank you all for amazing time.Various games and other activities were organized during breaks and outside the classes. It was perfect opportunity to meet other people and make friends with students from all over the world.If you think about study Spanish in Bogota, Whee Institute is the right place for you.Anna from Poland
Anna Maria Pawlat
Anna Maria Pawlat
03:00 18 Feb 20

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