Perfect for people that want to change, but they don't know how. have better and stronger relationships. have a radical change in their lives. have a happier and more relaxing live.


  • 1 hour sessions
  • One on One 
  • The kind of help that change a life. 
About this path:

Available for people that speaks:

Spanish, English

Origin of the practice:

Latin America, USA

Purpose of the practice:

Freedom, new possibilities, change the way we see life, Gain new perspectives about a current situation, If you need someone to listen to you.

What you need to start:

Nothing, just be a human with problems like anyone else.


Not suitable for people under a seriuos depression or other clinical condition if not medicated. 

The theory

Ontology as way of improving someone's life.

  • Ontology is a study in philosophy that looks for answers to questions such as: what is real? who am I? We can found famous philosophers such as Kant, Nietzche, etc.
  • Ontology of language, is a part of the study of ontology that studies how the words we use (judgments, feelings, opinions, etc) shape how we see the world, hance, how we behave in it.
  • The International coaching federation defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.
  • A group of Chileans philosophers in The United States, started a combination of these three concepts to help people realize how their own ontology, and through coaching techniques help them to transcend it, so they can become a better version of themselves.
  • Ontological coaching is focused on create a long-lasting change in the coachee. Usually, coaching feel like a new person after few sessions. This is a change in the being of the coachee. 
  • We follow the ICF code of ethics. It means that the coach will never give opinions, advises, or even suggestions. An ontological coach help the coachee articulate what she or he wants to change, that and never more. 

Who uses this kind of help?

  • The most frequent user of any kind of external help is usually women that have realized a need of change in themselves, but they simply don’t know how to do it. This need of change can come from work needs, relationship problems, difficulties with friends or family, or maybe a big shock have happened and they need to talk with someone.
  • This is the kind of help that CEOs, vice presidents of large corporations, and all the C levels receive. People usually think, how this people can do all of this? Well, they usually receive coaching, and if they are lucky, ontology coaching. Here because of the inequality of our world, the common user are usually men.
  • People that want to change the world, want to do social things, what to transform their lives radically, but something inside the are not letting them decide. This a boost for women and man to deeply transform their lives.


  • Session of max 1 hour

Price $40 USD + vat

  • 10 Sessions of max 1 hour
Price $300 USD + vat

(pay via Paypal or with card) 

Times available

you can check the availability in at the time of booking

Tools we use

We use ZOOM pro, for a better experiences and security for our students

Why Whee Institute?

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