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Founder of Whee and Colture

Sebas - Founder

Whee is the possibility of changing lives through education. I pretty much hated all the educational experiences I had the chance to experience, so I decided to create the perfect school, where a passionate teacher will help students to love knowledge, not behaving as a company but more as a family and where the prices and salaries are fair so more people have access.

I love Whee because as a team we make the effort every that to help education become what it should be.

Whee Spanish Teacher

Cami - Spanish Teacher

I find my principal reason to be part of Whee when my week starts and I have the chance to know new life´s stories through students who come from different places around the world, knowing their dreams and discovering their talents.

Is at this point where my mission is always projected to increase student´s happiness through an alternative, communicative and above all, friendly methodology.

During my experience as a teacher in others educational scenes, this hadn´t been possible to me until now, because Whee is a place where explore, purpose, growth, smile, but also think about and learn is part of the daily routine.

I love Whee because as a team we make the effort every that to help education become what it should be.

Operations Manager

Lis - Operations Manager

I really love to work in Whee, because is a really happy work environment. My coworkers are really nice and friendly and this helps me in my job because it´s really easy to talk with all and create new activities and create new things to improve Whee.

And my boss is a really easygoing person, he trust me and this is the most important thing for me.

I would not change my job for anything

Our results are amazing! being a non-profit have allowed us to attract people that love education to work with us, Because of the salary we pay we have the best and most motivated teachers in the country, and our students love us, love learning and they amaze us because they learn Spanish really really fast.

Caro - Activities


Whee is definitely one of my favorite jobs I´ve ever had. The spirit, environment, teachers, students, everyone is really amazing, kind and friendly.

The work that I´m doing here, makes me feel happy all the time, get in touch with everyone, knowing people from everywhere and learning about cultures is my favorite part!

Whee Spanish Teacher

Mary - Spanish Teacher

It’s amazing to be part of a team of creative and forward-looking people; I like coming to work and share ideas, dreams and special moments with my colleagues. I also love feeling challenged in and out lessons to think outside the box and have an open mind. I’m glad I joined a group of young Colombians who work hard looking for new ways and even taking risks every day because they believe we can change education and make classes more free, personalized and happy experiences

Spanish Teacher

Lore C. - Spanish Teacher

I love working in Whee because I don´t feel it like a job, I really enjoy being with people from different countries and the staff is my second family.

I have a role as a teacher but the truth is I’m the one who learns every day from my students. This is not a usual job, it´s a dream and they are not my students or coworkers, are my friends.

This is one of the main reasons to study Modern Languages, travel around the world even if I can´t take a plane because my students show me all their experiences when they talked to me

*Best reviews!

*Learn faster than in other schools

*Most friendly Staff

*Free dance lessons & language exchange (available in our Bogota school)

*Unlimited Coffee (available in our Bogota school)

*What else do you need?

Open: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday
Spanish lessons: info@wheeinstitute.com
Homestays: fun@colture.co
Free Spanish: ciudadbolivar@wheeinstitute.com
Tel: (+57)3175609775
Address: Diagonal 33 Bis A # 15 – 16, Bogota, Colombia


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