Benefits of Learning Intensive Spanish

If you are into the idea of immersing yourself in Spanish learning, a good idea is to start taking some intensive Spanish online courses!
Intensive Spanish

Learning Spanish online is fun! There are hundreds of resources and classes available to everyone. So, how do you choose the one that suits you best or the one that boosts your knowledge most effectively? Well, if you are fully into the idea of immersing yourself in learning Spanish so you can use it later for professional or personal reasons, a good idea is to start taking some intensive Spanish online courses. Now, don’t let the word “intensive” scare you, it’s just like any other worthwhile challenge: a little bit more work and effort, but sooo much better and hugely rewarding. In the end, you’ll find that you’ve learned more in the same amount of hours of a non-immersive program or course!

Intensive language online learning is basically a full language immersion, but yeah, online; which means that you’ll have a couple of hours of class every day in your home or wherever you happen to be, while also spending some more time practicing what you have learned. So, let’s go myth-busting and find out why learning Spanish intensively is better for your learning journey!

Myth: If I learn fast, I can’t learn well
Truth: Learn faster, learn well  = efficiency 

First and foremost, it’s clear that with intensive Spanish online courses you are exposed to the language more often as you’ll be immersed in it more hours every day; but, more hours don’t necessarily mean more learning. Nonetheless, with a good intensive course, you’ll have both quantity and quality, so you’ll learn in a strategic way: faster but well. In addition, as the breaks between classes are shorter, you are continuously practicing your Spanish, learning more things, and asking your teacher questions, so you don’t have to wait one week (or so) to do it. As a consequence, you’ll notice how quickly and efficiently you manage to get to a fluency level (if that’s what you are aiming to do). Each week you can see and feel the huge amount of progress you are making, which will get you so excited to see how much more you will learn the following week!
Also, time flies when you are having fun and, so, you’ll realize that your learning journey was also hugely enjoyable!

Myth: Intensive courses are, well, too intense…
Truth: It boosts your consistency, motivation, and confidence

By continuously practicing your Spanish with intensive online classes you’ll feel motivated to learn every day, therefore, you’ll also be more consistent and more confident with your Spanish. In other words, it builds up the discipline. The fact that you can evaluate and reflect upon what you have learned every day, means that you are more aware of your achievements and of what you need to improve. And, the good thing is, you can improve rather fast with each class and master some topics that might be more difficult to grasp much quicker Meanwhile if you get a chance to talk and practice with your native friends, or with people that talk Spanish, they’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with your improvement every day, and that positive enforcement is a good fuel to keep learning.

Myth: Intensive means boring or repetitive
Truth: You learn something new every day

With intensive Spanish classes, every day you are exposed to more material, resources, vocabulary, etc., so you’ll always have the chance to learn something new. Even if it’s still the same topic, you can tackle it faster from diverse perspectives until you have mastered it; so, it actually gives your teacher a chance to vary the content and exercises to keep you interested in learning. Therefore, having class time each day will boost your knowledge while giving you a chance to be often surprised with new and innovative methodologies. Intensive language courses actually keep your brain and mind stimulated, which in turn leads to even more curious about other things like music, art, movies, etc. And so, over the range of the course, you’ll have covered much more material in an innovative and effective way.    

Myth: I’ll just get tons of information
Truth: As with any immersion, you’ll get something more than just knowledge

Learning a language is not only about words and grammar, it’s also a way of immersing yourself in a whole new culture that comes with it. It’s no secret that Spanish-speaking countries have an amazing and interesting culture worth exploring and experiencing, and with an intensive Spanish online course, you’ll be able to do just that. And in turn, by learning about other cultures you grow and understand the world better and you also understand life experiences and perspectives that are different from your own. So, the “intensive” part gives you a closer look, and dive into a whole new world while gaining practical and important knowledge from it. In other words, it’s not just knowledge, it’s a once in a lifetime experience worth having, all from the comfort of your home!

Keep in mind that intensive Spanish online lessons can be experienced in multiple formats. You can attend a private class, a group class (which is fun because you are learning with people from all over the world) or a conversational class to practice topics of your particular interest. It all depends on your learning approach, but you can try them all and experience different methodologies. Either way, take advantage of the fact that a good teacher will put all his/her effort into your learning process and will tailor the class to your needs every single day, so you can learn well and feel motivated throughout the process.

Intensive Spanish course learning
Photograph by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

An awesome recommendation!

Whee Institute has amazing and highly reviewed intensive Spanish online courses that always seek to deliver the best and most innovative methodologies for your learning process. Our classes have been tested by more than 2000 students from 80+ countries, and are taught by amazing professional native teachers that always make your intensive learning process a fun ride!

Whee offers 10 or 15 hours weekly, which means that you’ll have class for 2 or 3 hours each day. Our students have expressed that in our classes time flies, because they are always learning and having so much fun; 92%  stay 3 months on average because they love it!!

To book a weekly class with Whee, visit our website You can also try the class before and see if it’s for you before committing to the week (which we are 200% sure you will love!).

One of the most popular and important languages nowadays is Spanish, so it’s safe to say that speaking it is a huge plus! We hope that our myth busting gave you some good reasons to start your online immersion, we guarantee it will be tons of fun! And remember: the more you learn Spanish, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more you’ll understand it.

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