The Essential Element for Learning is Excitement

“Without excitement there is no curiosity, there is no attention, there is no learning, and there is no memory.”
Excitement for learning

Happiness as the basis of learning

We are seeing more and more that teachers are moving away from the primitive methods of learning and memorizing and focusing on senses such as “joy” as this is the basis of attention and awakens curiosity. Research shows that creating an exciting, happy, and engaging environment for students to learn, increases ‘curiosity’ and therefore elevates the attention levels when compared with traditional teaching methods.

Knowing what we know about the brain and how it works, educators who incorporate these “excitement” focused techniques are seeing increased learning and that students memorize more. This is true for all levels of education including; universities, higher education or applied studies, companies training courses, or even in scientific research.

More and more research shows that by stimulating such emotions as happiness, joy, and excitement, you are actually putting your brain into a state ‘readiness’ and giving yourself the best conditions to learn and remember new information.

Knowing how the brain functions are revitalize teaching

We understand more about the brain, its functions, and capabilities, today more than ever and believe this insight is the key to revolutionizing education methods. Teachers who are designing learning material and educational activities that correlate with brain functions and processes are modern-day pioneers and are seeing quicker and better results than their peers.

Transferring the knowledge coming from neuroscience research so it is available and easily digestible for educators has kick-started this revolution, couple this with the positive results seen from the collaboration, we are proud to be an adopter of these techniques and endeavor to provide our students with the best education possible.

At Whee we guarantee that we put all of our effort to provide students with the best learning online methods and so, I invite you to experience this by clicking and enrolling HERE.

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