Tips to Learn Spanish

When learning a language, there are some practices to be more successful and efficient. Here we give you some tips to learn Spanish :)
Tips to learn Spanish

Studying languages is super interesting and fun! However, an important thing to take into account is how to study and what are the best methods to do so. Nowadays there are thousands of ways and thousands of resources to achieve your language learning goals, and it could be overwhelming to even start. In the case of Spanish, it’s no different, and with its increasing importance, it has become even more popular and even more accessible than ever before. More and more people want to learn Spanish every day, and that means that there are plenty of options. However, there are certain practices that you can follow in order to be more successful and efficient when you are learning; so, in this article, we will give you some tips to learn Spanish and boost your language learning journey.

Set a learning goal (your “why”)

I want to learn Spanish is a desire or wish you can have, but asking yourself “Why do I want to learn Spanish?” should be the most important thing and the first question to ask yourself. Whether it is because you really like it, or you need it for professional reasons or to travel around Latin America and Spain, your main goal, ‘your why,’ should be set before you even start the learning journey. This is important because it would be your fuel for each day and something you should always have present while learning.

There might be days that you don’t want to continue or that you are finding it hard, but if you always have your goal in mind, then you’ll have the will to continue. While learning Spanish, attach yourself to your why and you’ll realize that you can face pretty much any ‘how‘! 

Time vs. Intensity = Consistency

When learning Spanish or any language, consistency is the key to getting the results you want. Regular, consistent study over time will ultimately lead you to your why. And, while you are probably going to have days when you don’t have much time or when you are not that motivated, taking a few minutes to study a certain topic will boost your consistency.

A little study each day is essential when learning Spanish; focus on one thing to achieve over that time, but do it every day for a prolonged period of time (1 month, 6 months, 1 year). Remember that studying 10-15 minutes each day is better than 1-2 hours per week. And so, consistency will help you enjoy the process much more. Remember that knowing a language is a skill and like any skill, it requires practice.

Quantity vs. Quality

Don’t over study or become obsessed, you should have fun without “burning” yourself out. Truth is: time can be a trap! Learning isn’t about how much time or how fast you can learn, but rather about strategy and effectiveness even if you practice for just some minutes every day. When learning a language, quality is more important than quantity, although both are essential to reach your learning goals, your why

Focus on finding good and varied resources that fit your learning outcomes well and that you feel comfortable using every day. Don’t stress out if you didn’t practice as much as you wanted to; instead, try to make the most of your time while being effective and having fun, because if you are not having fun, you will not learn much.

Ask questions and seek answers = be curious

One very important thing to take into account when studying Spanish (or anything really) is to never stop learning. Being curious as well as asking questions and actively seeking the answers are some of the most effective and simple ways to interiorize a new language. They will boost your ability to learn and retain new information much easier and it will make your language journey more exciting, enjoyable, and effective.

On the other hand, studies have shown that curiosity prepares the brain for learning and it makes the subsequent learning even more rewarding. So, never be afraid to ask, never be afraid to seek answers, and never be ashamed of being curious. 

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Talk, talk, talk (and listen)

One of the most useful tips to learn Spanish or any language. You can learn Spanish by reading it, writing it, and even by listening to it, but if you don’t speak it, then you can’t go much further. Speaking is essential when learning any language and it’s the trait you should focus on the most if you want to master it. In fact, you don’t have to be an expert in writing and reading, but if you speak it, then you can do pretty much anything.
Your language journey should include hours and hours of conversation with people that know Spanish. Join conversational clubs or classes, go to language meetups, speak with natives, have an online or offline language buddy, and just try to communicate verbally as much as you can. Remember that a language is something you should process and learn with time, not just something you memorize, and speaking will definitely help you with that.

Fall in love with the culture as well

Learning Spanish is not just about words, expressions, or grammar, there’s a whole amazing culture that comes within. It’s no secret that Spanish speaking countries have a wonderful and interesting culture worth exploring and experiencing. Spanish speakers are also among the most heartwarming, friendly, and happy people you’ll ever come across, and there’s nothing that they enjoy the most than proudly sharing their culture with the world.

If you fall in love, not only with the language, but with the culture as well, you’ll enjoy the process much more, you’ll learn tons and you’ll connect with it on a deeper level. You’ll also find more motivation to consistently study everyday and you’ll ultimately have access to many things that will complement your language journey while making it way more fun!

Check out our article about Latin American and Spanish slang to know more about our culture.

Don’t be afraid to fail

This is one of the greatest tips to learn Spanish or any language. Don’t worry about not understanding everything, because the truth is, you’ll not, and it will be fine. So, don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes, and accept that sometimes, you’ll have a hard time understanding things while others might find it a piece of cake. Try to overcome your doubts and fears and don’t let them control you, otherwise, you’ll not progress.

In fact, one of the best ways to learn Spanish or any language is to make mistakes and learn from them. You’ll say a lot of funny things but those are the experiences that’ll make you learn better. Also, if people realize that you are learning, they’ll probably be very helpful, so let them help if you don’t know how to say something or how to express it. Don’t be afraid to fall, be afraid to fall, and not get up again.

Read, watch, listen

When learning Spanish, a good idea is to read articles and books, listen to music and podcasts, watch movies and series, and play games. All these resources that give you cultural exposure will boost your engagement, interest, and motivation, and will make you learn much more in less time; also, they will make the process even more fun and enjoyable!

Listening and seeing how other people express and talk is a super effective way to power up your Spanish skills. So, take advantage of all the informative and entertainment options out there and use them to push your language journey even further, especially the ones you find more appealing and interesting. We promise it will be completely worth it!

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Now that we have given you some useful tips to learn Spanish, we hope that you are more eager to practice our beautiful language. Remember that learning a language is a skill, and like any skill, it requires consistency, good strategies, and motivation!

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