Whee’s Happiness Revolution

Welcome to Whee and our happiness revolution! We offer the most innovative and fun online Spanish group classes with amazing native teachers!
Whee's happiness revolution

Our origins

Out happiness revolution started 6 years ago with a Colombian who had a passion for making a meaningful impact on the world; shortly after, two more guys joined his project as partners because they shared the same dream. But what impact? After some research, they began noticing that the education industry had lost its way and that higher education was focusing on volumes and profits instead of its true purpose: to give people the tools and skills to improve or change their lives. And so, they realized that this is where they wanted to leave their mark!

Within the universe of education, languages are a great enabler and can be the key to exploring new cultures and ways of life. By learning another language you have the possibility to visit, live, and fully experience somewhere different from the place you were born, somewhere where you can find happiness or make others happy, and/or somewhere new you can also call home. Whee’s founders wanted our journey of revolutionizing education to start here: with the thinking that if we can innovate how people learn languages, then our approach could be applied to many more aspects of education or subject areas and therefore, make a change and impact people’s lives.

This is how Whee Institute was born!

Happiness at the center of everything

Our focus is always to put the student, and their happiness, at the center of everything (aka happiness revolution) Even in a group situation, if one student is not happy with the class, then we will change or adapt the method, content or style – which in turn can record great results for that student as well as for the rest!

At Whee Institute, students’ happiness and engagement is monitored on a daily basis. We are proud to share that we have developed a method where students can be conversational to fluent in just 3 months! We have received +500 five-star reviews and taught +2000 students from +80 countries. We prioritize the student and we are committed to provide the most competitive Spanish online lessons in the world. But most importantly: we have received comments from many students such as “my teacher this week was the best teacher I have ever had”. And that makes us feel proud of what we are doing and pushes us to keep innovating and evolving.

In our online group live classes, we apply search techniques that translate our optimized language learning experience into amazing online lessons. We are always committed to deliver an engaging, fun and rapid learning experience for all our students.

Take a class with us

Whee's happiness revolution
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With Whee classes, you will learn Spanish through games and fun activities, how we believe education should be! Besides that, the classes are also personalized, meaning that they will be focused on your interests and learning style;, whether you are a beginner (A1.1) and all the way through to advanced (C1). Whee divides students into nine levels aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You are:

  • Learning and practicing from your home, connecting with people from all over the world even if they are not physically with you. 
  • There’s a huge difference between learning online with videos and learning online with interactive, real-time classes. With videos, you are responsible for your own education, while in real-time lessons you can learn better with wonderful teachers!
  • Take advantage of your time and use it to prepare for your next trip or job relocation (if it requires Spanish, of course). 
Register here:  https://www.wheeinstitute.com/live-online-group-spanish-classes/

We guarantee that we put all of our efforts into providing you with the best online learning methods and so, we invite you to experience it!

Help us improve education for a better future! Welcome to our happiness revolution!

If you want to know more about how our students learn, check our article The Essential Element for Learning is Excitement and our blog of Spanish tips here (also visit our Instagram stories).

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