Why learn Spanish online?

Online education is here to stay! Here we’ll tell you some reasons why it is important to learn Spanish online.
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Online education is definitely revolutionizing the world in 2020, and, while offline methods have their benefits, online classes are here to stay! In the case of language learning, it has never been easier to do at home with all the available tools and resources out there on the web. So, if you are planning, or if you have always wanted to learn another language, make the most out of your time by taking some online classes. Now, if Spanish is what you want to learn, you have landed in the right place! Here we’ll tell you why learning Spanish online is an excellent idea and why doing it with Whee Institute is the best way to become fluent while having tons of fun with innovative methodologies!

Spanish is continually increasing its worldwide importance for traveling, leisure, professional, and volunteering opportunities. More than 500 million people speak Spanish as a native or foreign language with that number growing every second. So, first off, if you are planning to learn it while you are at home (or if you are a digital nomad), here are some of the benefits of taking online Spanish group classes:

  • You can learn and practice from your home with people from all over the world even if they are not physically with you. 
  • You can take advantage of your free time and use it to prepare for your next trip or job relocation (if it requires Spanish, of course). 
  • It’s useful if you are thinking about traveling through South America or to Spain when the COVID-19 situation is over (or gets better) and you want to make friends and have fun.  
  • If you want to live in a Spanish-speaking country in the future, attending an online Spanish class will boost your job hunting and open more opportunities. 
  • It can also be useful if you want to put on your resume/CV that you can speak Spanish so you can have more and better professional and personal opportunities.
Whee's happiness revolution
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Whee’s online language education

Whee has been revolutionizing language education for years, and now, our commitment to online classes is even greater and we are always looking to deliver the best methodologies to help in your Spanish learning process. We are based in Bogotá, Colombia, but offer Spanish online and conversational classes worldwide. Our methodologies have been tested by more than 2000 students from 80+ countries and our classes are taught by amazing professional native teachers that make learning a language innovative and fun!

So, why is Whee different from the rest? 

  • Whee teaches Whee cares. Your learning journey is the most important thing for us! We don’t believe in education for profit, instead, we do believe that good education can change you and the world. We want people to wake up happy every day because they are going to study!
  • Our focus is always to put the student, and their happiness and learning, at the center of everything (aka happiness revolution). Even in a group situation, if one student is not happy with the class, then we will change or adapt the method, content, or style – which in turn can record great results for that student as well as for the rest of the group!  
  • Learning a language requires interaction! With Whee, you learn with people from all around the world, in an environment of respect and happiness!
  • We research ways for students to learn very fast but have fun at the same time. We believe in the power of groups, where everyone learns from each student’s questions, realizations, and mistakes. It’s a collaborative way of learning, but with teaching, experts involved in bringing out the best of each student.
  • There’s a huge difference between learning online with videos and learning online with interactive, real-time classes. With videos, you are responsible for your own education, while in real-time lessons with Whee, you can learn better with wonderful teachers!
  • Our teacher’s design class by class based on the things you like and the way you learn better. You don’t have to rewatch videos to understand, simply raise your hand and ask for a different explanation.
  • In our online group live classes, we apply search techniques that translate our optimized language learning experience into amazing online lessons. We are always committed to delivering an engaging, fun, and rapid learning experience for all our students. 
  • Whee’s approach is a Spanish immersion experience, delivered online. The progress depends on how many hours you take, and how constant you are with your process, but, on average our students can understand basic Spanish in just a month, and have a fluency level in less than six months.
  • And last but not least, learning with Whee is sooo much fun! We guarantee you’ll never be bored again in a class! 92% of our students stay 3 months on average because they love it!!
  • To book a weekly class with Whee, visit our website www.wheeinsitute.com. You can also try the class before and see if it’s for you before committing to the week (which we are 200% sure you will love!).

Recommendations and vocabulary for online classes   

You already know that an online class is quite different from an offline class; there are a few things to take into account so you can make the most of your time: 

  • Try to eliminate all distractions so you can fully immerse yourself in the class.
  • Be ready a few minutes before your class start time just in case you have a connection or “tech” issue so you don’t miss the beginning of the class
  • Always use your camera to provide a better interaction; it’s important that the teachers and fellow students can see you.    
  • Even if the teacher is not physically with you, you can still ask all the questions and for any explanations, you might need.   
  • Boost your learning journey by reflecting upon what you have learned and doing exercises or activities out of class.
  • Relax and have fun!


Here’s some useful vocabulary when attending an online Spanish class:

Vocabulary for online Spanish class

Embark on the journey of learning Spanish online, we guarantee it will be a fun ride! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of developing a skill that is continuously increasing its importance because you’ll only take many positive things out of it. And, if you decide to learn with Whee, welcome to our education revolution!

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