Why learn Spanish? Six major reasons

Why learn Spanish? Here are six reasons why you should learn a language that's useful for traveling, professional, and cultural reasons.
Why learn Spanish?

There are tons of reasons why we study new languages. Whether it is because we genuinely like it and enjoy it, or because we need it for a new job, connect with family and relatives or to travel around. Learning to speak another language is a great way to open our minds with new knowledge while also increasing our IQ, which is amazing!. One of the most popular and important languages nowadays is Spanish, so it’s safe to say that speaking it is a huge plus! Why learn Spanish? Here are six reasons to convince you!

Access to an amazing culture and people!

Learning about other cultures makes you grow and understand the world better, it helps you understand life experiences and perspectives that are different from your own, and maybe adopt or incorporate some new ones in your life. It’s no secret that Spanish speaking countries have an amazing and interesting culture worth exploring and experiencing. Spanish speakers are also among the most heartwarming, friendly, and happy people you’ll ever come across. So, whether it is by traveling or from the comfort of your sofa, knowing Spanish will give you access to a widely diverse culture in the form of books, series, movies, music, people, and much more! There’s nothing that Spanish speakers enjoy more than proudly sharing their culture with the world, so now, more than ever, take advantage of it!

Access to over 20 countries

Spanish is a super useful language for leisure and/or professional purposes. It’s currently spoken by more than 500 million people in the world (with the number growing every second) and is the fourth most spoken language in the world including native and non-native speakers. Learning Spanish will give you access to over twenty countries across four continents that have it as their official language, as well as countries like the United States that has more than 33 million Spanish speakers. By having access to all these nations (each with their own cool accent and expressions), you’ll be able to explore amazing cultures and have remarkable and unique experiences.  

Increase your job or volunteering opportunities –  Improve your CV

In the past years, Spanish has become more globalized and it has greatly increased its importance in the business and professional world; knowing Spanish will instantly give you access to thousands of job and volunteering opportunities as well as enhancing your CV for future possibilities. You’ll not only be a more competitive person in your workplace and within a group, but also more integral; you’ll be able to travel for professional reasons and communicate effectively with employees, employers, locals, and most importantly, customers. Spanish is definitely a no brainer for international business and professional opportunities as Latin American economies are a real area of growth for many companies and industries, so why not add this skill to your repertoire! 

Why learn Spanish?
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Get more from your holidays/vacations and enhance your travel experiences

Another amazing reason for learning Spanish! Traveling and language open a whole new world because you are not only learning words and grammar, you have your independence but are also grasping a new culture that comes with it. With just this language, you can travel to over 20 countries and have the experience of a lifetime! Knowing Spanish will boost your travels and will give you access to tons of spectacular and interesting places. All Latin American countries and Spain host some of the best natural and man-made wonders of the world; and yes, of course, you can visit all if you don’t know Spanish, but if you do, it will definitely enhance your experience and you’ll be able to go to more places, understand the culture better, interact with locals easier and open up a world of possibilities for yourself!

Access to commerce

Most Latin American countries, like Mexico, Colombia, or Chile, are now considered a growing, unstoppable economic force with a crucial part in international commerce. So, in order to establish good relationships with potential trade partners, suppliers, and attract even more customers, users, and business opportunities, knowing Spanish is a direct way to achieve it all even more! In the last years, many American and Chinese corporations have invested and established in these countries because they know that the Spanish-speaking market is growing exponentially every day and this means more commerce. CEOs, high executives, and employees of big corporations probably know or are learning Spanish already, so what are you waiting for?

It’s easy to learn and tons of fun (especially with Whee Institute)

Learning Spanish is sooo much fun! It’s actually considered one of the easiest languages to learn because of its phonetics (compared to German or French for example). With consistency, practice, and good teachers you’ll discover a beautiful, expressive, and positive language that unlocks an amazing culture. Learning Spanish will never be boring and you’ll definitely have a fun time, even more so if you do it with Whee Spanish School! We are based in Bogotá, Colombia, but offer Spanish online live group and conversational classes worldwide. Our methodologies have been tested by more than 2000 students from 80+ countries and our classes are taught by amazing professional native teachers that make learning a language innovative and fun! 

To book a weekly class with Whee, visit our website www.wheeinsitute.com. You can also try the class before and see if it’s for you before committing to the week (which we are 200% sure you will love!).

So, why learn Spanish? Now you have 6 very good reasons to do so, and we really hope that you are eager to learn it and know about our culture! Now, more than ever, take advantage of the fact that it’s continually increasing its importance, so you can actually get tons of positive things out of it for your future endeavors. 

To start learning some basics, check our article Some basic Spanish phrases to know.

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