Refund of money 

1- If you cancel your classes, a) we will retain 10% of what you paid or b) in the case you took some classes we will return the money for the classes you didn’t take +10% of the total fee paid.

Cancellation of classes

In case you can’t attend class due to a personal problem or illness, please send an email, or a WhatsApp message to Whee (info@wheeinstitute.com) (+57 3175609775)  or the teacher, telling us that you are not going to attend to prevent losing your class.

1.1 If you are canceling your group class, we ask you to advise us up to one hour ahead of your class start time, then you can take the hours missed in the future or we can discount them in your next payment (Only apply to current price). If you notify us less than one hour before your class start time, you will lose 1 hour of your class time and not be able to reschedule it.

1.2 If you are canceling private classes, please let us know one hour ahead or more, you are not going to lose your class but the teacher can be aware and take another class.

1.3 If you join the class after 15 minutes or more, we will discount the entire class hour. For example if you join the class 30 minutes later, we will discount the entire hour.

1.4 In case you can only attend for a few hours please let us know one hour or more in advance. Also, if you are taking 2 hours of class and you cannot join the first hour or second hour of class, you cannot join for the final 3rd hour; unless you spoke with the operation manager in advance.

2. Remember your first day is a 2 hours trial class: if you like your class and choose to continue for the week, you will pay for a full week. If you don’t like it and choose not to continue, you do not have to pay us anything.

Before class

1- The week before you start your classes, we will do an interview either by whatsapp or zoom. This will determine the level of your class. If you can’t do the interview in advance, you can do it the first day of class between 9:30 am and 10:30 am Colombian time. Keep in mind that if we do it on your first day, the class you are placed into may be either in the morning or in the afternoon as the schedule changes on a weekly basis.

2- Always check your email to verify; the start date/day, start time of your classes and the link to join the class.

3- Payments can be made by Paypal or Card (debit or credit). Payments must be made during the first 2 days of the week after finishing your first classes. If you take 4 weeks or more of classes, you will have to pay for the entire month during your first two weeks in order to receive the discount.

4- You can pay weekly or monthly, if you choose the monthly option you can take the 4 weeks straight or you can split the time as you wish.

5- We cannot ensure how long you will stay in a level. * This depends on each individual student, and we have identified factors that affect how quickly students advance, for example students who already know other languages may ​​advance a little faster, students who practice outside of class may advance a little faster, and students who reinforce their lessons outside of class may advance a little faster.

6- There are 8 levels (A1.1 – A1.2 – A2.1 – A2.2 – B1.1 – B1.2 – B2.1 – B2.2/C1) and we are governed according to the Common European Framework of Languages.

First day of class

1- Keep in mind that on the first day of class you will review topics from the previous level or the previous week in order to refresh your knowledge and prepare you for new information.

2– You can start/join the classes on Monday or Tuesday. In the case you cannot join, please wait until the next/following week so you don’t affect you or your classmates’ process.

3- If you don’t feel that you are placed in the correct level or you are not having a good experience, you should talk to the teacher and/or the coordinator (coordinacion@wheeinstitute.com) and together they can make the best decision for you. This can only be done on the first day of class, as not to delay your learning process or affect other students.

4- Every day we have a break of 15 minutes (for those students who are taking 15 hours per week). We have discovered that your learning accelerates when you are rested, which is why a daily break time is beneficial for you and your learning.

5- At the end of each day’s class, the teachers will send you a link where you can evaluate the methodology of the class (not the teacher). This helps the teacher know how to maintain or improve your experience in the following classes.

6- According to our methodology, we try to give you different educational experiences. For this reason, we want you to study with a different teacher every two weeks (we may also change your teacher weekly) to gain exposure to speakers with different accents and backgrounds. Remember that all our teachers have been evaluated with at least 9/10 stars in reviews from other students.

After class

  1. Remember, every Friday we will send an email with additional information and Spanish tips.
  2. The teacher will let you know if you will move to the next level or not.